Welcome! Histories or Stories? is a project centered around stories included in the works of the famous New England storyteller Edward Rowe Snow. The stories are a mix of both historically verifiable and non-verifiable accounts. Each possesses extreme historical value and are worthwhile tools for the teaching of history. Take a look at the Project Purpose page for a deeper background on the project or just go straight to one of the stories by clicking on the stories tab at the top of the page and see how it can be used to open your eyes to all of the fun and exciting truths that the field of history has to offer! 

About the Author

Hello! My name is Shannon Webber, I’m a second-year master’s student in Public History at Northeastern University also seeking a graduate certificate in the digital humanities. Histories or Stories? is a project that I was inspired to create based on the idea that anything can teach us history, even things that we might overlook. My hope with this project is that you leave it having learned a little something, maybe had a good laugh, and feel motivated to look at history outside the traditional textbook. HAVE FUN and thanks for stopping by!